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Re: st: Writing graphs to the log file

From   David Airey <david.airey@Vanderbilt.Edu>
Subject   Re: st: Writing graphs to the log file
Date   Tue, 18 Nov 2008 10:43:43 -0600

Sorry for the incomplete posts.

I take back what I said.




work on my Stata 10.1 to produce html logs with embedded graphs. I know it was not working for me at one point.

You can get them from the ATS UCLA site here:


With regard to the Stata journal article it is here:

Automatic generation of documents
R. Gini and J. Pasquini
Stata Journal 6(1)


On Nov 18, 2008, at 10:20 AM, Nick Cox wrote:

But like good data analysts everywhere we should note that data are
often open to many quite different explanations and interpretations. In
this case, one recurrent thought is that several quite different
approaches to (partly) automated production of reports are _all_
popular, i.e. there is no absolute market leader that cries out for
official adoption. Another is that user-programmers are producing
attractive solutions with many appreciative users. I am sure that a
StataWeave would find users too, but the fact is that those who swear by
the Word will usually not touch LaTeX, and vice versa.

What's ATS? What "stopped working"?


Martin Weiss

The fact that -ssc hot, n(4)- throws up nothing but "translation"
is certainly not lost on StataCorp...

David Airey

I think one disappointment with Stata is no package like Sweave for R
or SASweave for SAS for weaving together publication quality text,
code, output, and figures into one file, more or less seamlessly. HTML
output is also good thing. I have used and appreciated log2html.
Improvements would be great. ATS also had an HTML package that worked
figures in, but I think it stopped working. It would be nice to have
HTML and LaTeX output, but HTML at minimum.

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