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Re: st: Writing graphs to the log file

From   Neil Shephard <>
Subject   Re: st: Writing graphs to the log file
Date   Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:04:11 +0000

David Elliott wrote:
> I would still like to see some discussion regarding having graphs in
> logs.  Users of other statistical software packages know that logs can
> be created with the inclusion of graphs.  One of Stata's strengths has
> been its adherence to an easily readable and mutable logfile format.
> Stata Corp may have no stomach for the complexities of creating a
> cross-platform SMCL viewer capable of displaying graphical content or
> modifying -log- to automatically create and store graphs.  My
> experiences with -gr2log:- have shown me that the "-log-istics" can be
> significant.
I think it would be useful to have graphs included with logs,
particularly when performing exploratory analysis or just poking around.

Even in such situations I still work by writing a do-file and running
that so view logs and graphs separately at present.

However, there are many instances where viewing tables of output _and_
graphs simultaneously/in-line would be very useful, for example after a
simple regression I might wish to check the underlying distribution of
the data using a -qqplot- and having the graph in-line with the results
is informative.  I currently approach this through a combination of
-estout-/-parmest-/-graph export- and then pulling it all together in
LaTeX, but feel that the (relatively minimal) additional work to pull it
all into LaTeX could be negated for such exploratory work if graphs
could be included in-line with log-files (when writing work up I would
still stick to the -estout-/-parmest-/-graph export- and writing a
report in LaTeX though).

I do however appeciate that this is a complex task to implement though
and may not be near the top of anyone's ToDo list.


"We should make things as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Anon (not Albert Einstein)

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