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Re: st: Re: predict in ivreg28

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Subject   Re: st: Re: predict in ivreg28
Date   Thu, 25 Sep 2008 10:02:36 -0400

Thanks, Kit. I solved it. I found another compurter where my C: drive is not
"controlled" and downloaded it there, And now it works just fine!

Thanks. B

Between mid-June and mid-August, 2008 I will be reading my Email daily but will
not have access to my data and
papers; so do not expect much in these two areas!

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Even  if your fascist I/T staff prevent you from downloading to the
default location for PLUS (see -adopath-), you are free to modify the
adopath and change the location of PLUS to a directory to which you
have write access. See -help adopath-. Change the location of PLUS
(permanently) and the ssc command should work.

Many people (irrespective of their operating system) will have
difficulties sending or receiving .hlp files via email these days due
to Windows security concerns. Windows users generally cannot
download .hlp files from a web browser (that's why StataCorp now
uses .sthlp in Stata 10).

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics and DIW Berlin
An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata:

On Sep 25, 2008, at 02:33 ,Branko  wrote:

> But could I ask you for a favor. I cannot download ivreg2 or
> anything because my
> admninistator controls C drive (and that's where, as you know, stata
> automatically writes its programs). So would you mind emailing me
> your copy of
> ivreg28 file.

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