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Re: st: Problem with mac odbc drivers

From   David Airey <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Problem with mac odbc drivers
Date   Sun, 21 Sep 2008 11:00:06 -0500


I guess a good test would be to go back to the Actual drivers, and test whether or not the problem reoccurs. That would more clearly indicate that those drivers were at fault, as opposed to something else happening.


On Sep 20, 2008, at 8:32 PM, Fred Wolfe wrote:

We want to share this information with the Stata list regarding a
problem we had with ODBC transfers from a Windows SQL Server database
to Stata MP on the Mac.

We have Windows SQL Server from which we move data to Stata. We do
this directly and via StatTransfer. This was a Windows to Stata MP for
the PC transfer in the past. We had no problem. Earlier in the year we
switched to a Mac server. Therefore our ODBC transfer was from Windows
SQL Server to Stata Mac MP 10.1.  Several months ago after Stata
"fixed" a date formatting problem we noticed we were getting a few
"bad dates." Dates that were good in SQL came over as missing or as
wierd values. We verified that did not happen in the Windows to Stata
Windows transfer, but only in the Windows to Stata mac transfer. It
was only dates, and only a few. For example from 3 to 70 out of
several hundred thousand. We thought it might be an ODBC problem
because it appeared to be related to the physical position of the
dates in the SQL database. Stata Corp could not duplicate our problem
using their MYSQL system. We were using the Actual Technologies ODBC
driver. Actual Technologists was unable to help with the problem. We
have now just replaced the ODBC driver with one made by OpenLink and
the problem has disappeared (or seems to have disappeared). We post
this in the event someone else runs into a similar problem.

Fred Wolfe (for the NDB group).

Fred Wolfe
National Data Bank for Rheumatic Diseases
Wichita, Kansas
NDB Office +1 316 263 2125 Ext 0
Research Office +1 316 686 9195
[email protected]
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