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RE: st: kernel density

From   "Karfakis, Panagiotis (ESAF)" <[email protected]>
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Subject   RE: st: kernel density
Date   Thu, 18 Sep 2008 09:08:11 +0200

kdensity lnexp if region==1, addplot(kdensity lnexp if region==2)


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Subject: Re: st: kernel density

Nigussie wrote:

I am PhD student and request your assistance on this issues.  Suppose I have
two columns variable "lnexp" and "region" where lnexp is log of expenditure
(continuous) and region is a categorivsl variable; 1=Eastern region,
2=Southern region and 3= Northern region. If I want to draw kernel graphs of
"lnexp" for these regions on one chart,  what should I do on Stata 10? I need
a command. 

You can use the addplot() option, like this:

   sysuse auto.dta , clear
   kdensity weight if foreign==1 , addplot(kdensity weight if

Hope this helps

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