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Re: st: RE: reprogramming survwgt ?

From   Nick Winter <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: RE: reprogramming survwgt ?
Date   Thu, 04 Sep 2008 12:39:38 -0400


As the author of the program in question, I've added an option to show the number of iterations completed (although I'm not really sure why one might care), along with an option to control the maximum number of iterations the program will go through before giving up.

I'll make an announcement on-list once the new versions are up on SSC.

-Nick Winter

Martin Weiss wrote:

It is not that nobody cares about such posts, but a look at the .ado in question does not bode well for a quick resolution. I spent a couple of minutes poring over it and could not figure out where the spot is where you could install some kind of a counter to count the iterations. The problem was compounded by the lack of a good example for the command. If you can come up with one, that might be a promising avenue toward a solution, not reposting the question...


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Subject: st: reprogramming survwgt ?

Dear Mr. Cox,
I face the following problem and hope that you can help me out:

I’m a student at the University of Leipzig. At the moment I try to rake a sample to fit the local population. For this I was going to use survwgt.ado by Nicholas Winter.

Unfortunately the program does “just” produce the raking weights, but does not show me how many iterations were needed to converge.
I Asked Prof. Winter to give ma advice on how survwgt could display the iterations, but he merely explained that it would need to make a small change (“one line” as he stated) in the program code.

Since I’m an absolute beginner on stata in general and programming in particular I have no clue how to perform this changes.
I hoped that you might help me, since the adofile state’s that Winters program is based on your mstdize.ado file.

Since I’m running out of luck (and time) I really hope that you can help along.

Many Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Hagen von Hermanni

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