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st: RE: Using Gr39

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Using Gr39
Date   Thu, 4 Sep 2008 15:33:13 +0100

This seems to refer to the command -surface- written by Adrian Mander
and published as entry gr39 in STB-51 in 1999. 

If so, then 

1. You can't use it in Stata without installing it first. Or possibly
you installed some of the program files but not all. 

2. There is a much more up-to-date version of the -surface- package on
SSC which you should install using -ssc-. 

. ssc inst surface, replace

However, within that package only -surface7- is good for Stata 8.2. 

However, I don't see off-hand that -surface- is relevant to panel data,
but it depends on precisely what you want to do, which is not clear to

[email protected] 

Matthew Gobey

I am trying to use command gr39 on a panel data set.

Is this possible? 
Is there an upper limit on the observations which the command can deal

I only seem to get the opaque message:

xtlines not found

The variables I am using do exits, and I have changed their order.

I have tried collapsing the data but this has not worked either. 

I am using stat version 8,.2 if that is of relevance.

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