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st: Error with outreg2 "Obs. nos. out of range"

From   "Tim Quigley" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Error with outreg2 "Obs. nos. out of range"
Date   Tue, 2 Sep 2008 16:39:15 -0400


I'm am trying to finalize the output of some results using the outreg2
command but keeping getting the following error:

Obs. nos. out of range

While my actual code is somewhat more complex, I have whittled down the code
to the point where it seems that it is the "label" option that is causing
the code to bomb out.  So, for example:  

.reg ArelroeYN year
.outreg2 using finalruns, label replace

.results in the error.  

But, if I run:
.reg ArelroeYN year
.outreg2 using finalruns, replace

.I do not get the error.  

I've tried different variables.  I've reduced my labels down to a single
character and renaming my variables to all lowercase.  I've tried different
types of regression.  I've tried outputting to Excel vs. text file and
pretty much everything else I can think of including rebooting and deleting
and reinstalling the outreg2 command.  The odd thing is, when I open a
different dataset and run the commands, it works just fine.  So, it seems
that it must be a problem with my dataset somehow, but I just can't seem to
figure out what it would be. If it dataset is somewhat large in
terms of numbers of variables (several hundred) but only has about 350 rows.

At this point I'm ready to just manually enter the labels in the output
which seems to be a waste of all the time I spent creating nice labels in my
dataset.  Before I do, though, I figured I would check the Stata list.  

So, has anyone else had this problem and solved it?  If so, any advice in
getting around it?  


Tim Quigley
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Management and Organization
Smeal College of Business
The Pennsylvania State University
416A Business Building
University Park, PA 16801
[email protected]

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