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Re: st: RE: saving a matrix with rownames

From   "Data Analytics Corp." <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: saving a matrix with rownames
Date   Fri, 30 May 2008 10:13:52 -0400


Thanks for the feedback. I still can't get the first way to work - maybe it's a typo that I just don't see. Anyway, svmat2 seems like it would be better. I'll have to retrieve it.



Nick Cox wrote:

Your first works for me. The variable receives the row names as
I wouldn't expect the second to work, as it's illegal.
-svmat2- from STB-56 added a way to save row names that is, in my view,
better than either. You need to go
. search svmat2, historical

to see locations. The grading by StataCorp of this as historical is not
quite accurate, in so far as -svmat- remains part of Stata and the
user-written -svmat2- added a feature in 2000 that is yet to be matched
by the official command.
Data Analytics Corp.

I created a matrix, M, with row names such as Frag300, Frag400, etc. I want to save the matrix as a set of variables so I used svmat, which worked perfectly. But I also want to save the row names as a variable, say rown. I used the following:

local names : rownames M
gen str rown = "`names'"

and got the variable rown, but it's blank. I also used

gen str rown = `names'

but got an error message saying Frag300 not found. How do I save the row names as a variable?

I'm using Stata 10 on a Vista machine.

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