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st: Calculating RSE for point estimates

From   "Dayna N KIRK" <>
Subject   st: Calculating RSE for point estimates
Date   Tue, 06 May 2008 14:22:56 -0700

Hello! I am using STATA 9.2 for Windows
Data supression guidelines for statistical reliability vary, however Healthy People 2010 and many U.S. health departments use a relative standard error (RSE) > 30% as a central criteria for data supression, primarily for BRFSS and YRBS.  While I can easily get STATA to present the standard error for point estimates in -svyset-, I have to calculate the RSE by hand (RSE = 100 x (SE(r)/r)).  This is time consuming given multiple counties, regions, race/ethnicities, etc. I have searched the archives, read the manual three times and asked some experts to no avail. Is there a simple command like -se-, -ci-, etc. for relative standard error?
Has anyone tried to create an ado file to address this simple, yet daily need?
Thanks for you help!
Dayna Kirk, MPH
Research Analyst
Tobacco Prevention and Education Program
Oregon Department of Human Services
800 NE Oregon Street
Portland, OR 97232

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