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st: RE: Calculating RSE for point estimates

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Calculating RSE for point estimates
Date   Tue, 6 May 2008 22:54:18 +0100

I am not aware of an .ado to calculate relative standard error. Perhaps
people on this list are more used to looking at t or z statistics, which
carry the same information. I doubt that there could be a single .ado to
do what you want, but the general recipe is surely to get hold of the
ingredients and do the work after estimation. For example, after a
-regress- you can do this: 

mata : sqrt(diagonal(st_matrix("e(V)")))' :/ st_matrix("e(b)")

For many people, perhaps you, that too counts as "by hand". Perhaps that
is what you are doing already. 


Dayna N KIRK

Hello! I am using STATA 9.2 for Windows
Data supression guidelines for statistical reliability vary, however
Healthy People 2010 and many U.S. health departments use a relative
standard error (RSE) > 30% as a central criteria for data supression,
primarily for BRFSS and YRBS.  While I can easily get STATA to present
the standard error for point estimates in -svyset-, I have to calculate
the RSE by hand (RSE = 100 x (SE(r)/r)).  This is time consuming given
multiple counties, regions, race/ethnicities, etc. I have searched the
archives, read the manual three times and asked some experts to no
avail. Is there a simple command like -se-, -ci-, etc. for relative
standard error?
Has anyone tried to create an ado file to address this simple, yet daily

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