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Re: st: Option -scale()- with pie charts

From   [email protected] (Vince Wiggins, StataCorp)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Option -scale()- with pie charts
Date   Mon, 05 May 2008 11:04:18 -0500

Sergiy Radyakin <[email protected]> reports that -graph pie- does not
allow the convenience option -scale()- which allows you to scale the size of
all the text, markers, line-widths, etc. on your graph simultaneously.

> . sysuse auto
> (1978 Automobile Data)
> . graph pie, over(rep78) scale(0.5)
> option scale() not allowed
> search r(198)

The option -scale()- is documented for -graph pie-, and all of the other
-graph- commands honor -scale()-.

Sergiy has indeed found a bug, and it will be fixed in a future update.

In the interim, note that Sergiy himself provided an easy workaround for those
wanting to use -scale()- with -graph pie-.  Just exclude the option -scale()-
from your -graph pie- command, then redraw the graph, adding the -scale()-
option to the -graph display- command.  For example,

    . graph pie, over(rep78) 
    . graph display, scale(0.5)

-- Vince 
   [email protected]

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