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Re: st: 2 questions

From   Richard Goldstein <>
Subject   Re: st: 2 questions
Date   Fri, 28 Mar 2008 13:13:05 -0400

1. Assuming you have the log turned on, it is all being kept and you can look at the log anytime by hitting Ctrl-l; you can also, I think, increase the amount of memory Stata allots to keeping what has passed on the results screen

2. it means you made a typo -- since you did not show us your command no other info can be given (other than the, apparent, obvious: that you left out at least one set of quotes)


minimus wrote:

Dear Stata users,

I would like to ask 2 questions:

1.. I cannot see the green/yellow output when it is long on the screen. For example when I use the 'list' command for a variable, stata lists but when I try to see the output far back at the top, I cannot reach. The screen is just cut/truncated above. How can I let stata show me everything it produces on the screen?

2.. I try to get a histogram for a variable and stata says: "too few quotes". What does that mean and why I cant get my simple histogram?

Thank you in advance.
With regards.
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