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st: STPIECE Presplit

From   "Shon Hiatt" <>
Subject   st: STPIECE Presplit
Date   Mon, 10 Mar 2008 15:11:58 -0400

I have 50 years of organizational data that has been split and stset
into yearly panels. I want to run stpiece to measure IV effects on
organizational mortality. I have created a variable called "tp" and
grouped every 10 years into a category (i.e. 1 for each year
1870-1880; 2 for each year 1881-1890, etc.) all the way up to tp=5.
When I run stpiece and include the option "presplit(50)", the output
does not contain coefficients for each tp#; where I would expect to
see coefficients labeled tp1 tp2 tp3 tp4 tp5, I only see one
coefficient labled "tp" and the rest of my variables.

Is this right? Am I wrong to expect coefficients for each tp# if the
data has already been split? How do I use stpiece correctly with
presplit and stset data?

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