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RE: st: RE: Interval Tabbing?

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Interval Tabbing?
Date   Wed, 23 Jan 2008 19:43:45 -0000

If you're interested in Maarten's direction, then check out this Tip: 

SJ-5-2  gr0014  Stata tip 20: Generating histogram bin variables
D. A. Harrison
Q2/05   SJ 5(2):280--281                                 

        tip illustrating the use of twoway__histogram_gen for
        creation of complex histograms and other graphs or tables

(also reprinted in "33 Stata Tips" from StataCorp). 

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Subject: Re: st: RE: Interval Tabbing?

--- Rachel asked:
> What I'm looking to do is put a histogram in table form:

--- Nick Cox answered:
> At worst, this is two (or three) steps, 
> 1. create categories 
> (2. label them nicely) 
> 3. tabulate 
> But it can be compressed to one step: 
> . findit tabcond 
> . ssc inst tabcond 

I was working along Nick's first suggestion and taking Rachel's
question literally: making a table from a histogram. The program below
allows you to do that, the relevant options from -histogram can also be
fed into -histtab-. Installation of this program is discussed in:

Hope this helps,

*------ begin histtab.ado ---------------
*! version 1.0.0 MLB 23Jan2008
program define histtab
	version 8.2
	syntax varname, *
	tempvar h x x2
	twoway__histogram_gen mpg, gen(`h' `x') `options'

	qui gen byte `x2' = _n if `x' < .
	label variable `x2' `"`: variable label `x''"'
	local start = r(start)
	local rstart : di %9.2g `start'
	local bin = r(bin)
	local width = r(width)

	local end = `start' + `width'
	local rend : di %-9.2g `end'

	tempname lab
	label define `lab' 1 "`rstart' - `rend'"

	forvalues i = 2/`r(bin)' {
		local start = `end'
		local rstart : di %9.2g `start'
		local end = `end' + `width'
		local rend : di %-9.2g `end'
		label define `lab' `i' 	"`rstart' - `rend'", add
	label values `x2' `lab'
	tabdisp `x2' if `x2' < ., cellvar(`h') 
*-------------------- end histtab.ado ------------------------------


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