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st: RE: Cumulative Index to Stata Journal vols 1-7 available

From   Nick Cox <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: RE: Cumulative Index to Stata Journal vols 1-7 available
Date   Tue, 22 Jan 2008 16:10:13 -0000

Many thanks to Kit for his publicity here and in providing a very useful resource. 

To show what you are missing -- and to flag that associated files are downloadable, regardless of whether you subscribe -- here are the contents of that issue. 

Multiple imputation of missing values: further update of ice, with an emphasis on interval censoring  P. Royston 445

Enhanced routines for instrumental variables/generalized method of moments estimation and testing C. F. Baum, M. E. Schaffer, and S. Stillman 465

Causal inference with observational data A. Nichols 507

A generic function evaluator implemented in Mata H. St´┐Żvring 542

Mata Matters: Structures W. Gould 556

Speaking Stata: Counting groups, especially panels N. J. Cox 571

Stata tip 52: Generating composite categorical variables N. J. Cox 582

Stata tip 53: Where did my p-values go? M. L. Buis 584

Stata tip 54: Post your results P. Van Kerm 587

Stata tip 55: Better axis labeling for time points and time intervals 
N. J. Cox 590

Software Updates 593

Joe Newton and Nick Cox
Editors, SJ 
[email protected] 

Kit Baum

Volume 7, Issue 4 of the Stata Journal is now available to  
subscribers of the electronic edition.  The cumulative author index  
for Stata Journal contents, vols. 1-7 is now freely available in PDF  
format from

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