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Re: st: How to tell stata what directory I keep utility .do filesin?

From   Thomas Masterson <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: How to tell stata what directory I keep utility .do filesin?
Date   Mon, 07 Jan 2008 14:13:15 -0800

It is possible to do what Zachary wants with a combination
of global and local variables, like so:

global u C:\path\to\util\directory\
local kluge = "$u"+""
do "`kluge'"

You could set the global in your file, then repeat
the last two lines. But I agree that using ado files in your
adopath would be a better way to go.


Nick Cox wrote:
It would be possible to write a program that, with a key modification, looked along the adopath to find a .do file. The default directory would surely need to be the current directory.
But I think it would be a bad idea, as .do files are best kept in
directories or folders.
Nick [email protected]
Tom Trikalinos
for do-files you have to specify the complete path as in . do

programs saved as "ado" files can be called by their name if they are in
the adopath see _help adopath ++_

m-files in Matlab that contain callable routines correspond to ".ado"
files in Stata.

Zachary Harrison

I am interested in adding some folders to the path that Stata uses to find .do files. I have tried looking in the docs for adopath and sysdir but can't get those working for me. For Matlab users, I am after a command which accomplishes what the path() command does.
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