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Re: st: dynamic report generation

From   "Clive Nicholas" <>
Subject   Re: st: dynamic report generation
Date   Mon, 30 Oct 2006 21:34:09 -0000 (GMT)

Phil Schumm wrote:


> At the moment, the state of the art for automatic report generation
> is probably to use both -estout- and -graph- to write tables and
> figures to individual output files, and then to include these in the
> main document (e.g., using \include{} in LaTeX).  Alternatively, if
> you require more complex tables, you can write the table in LaTeX
> with empty cells, and then use Stata code to fill in the numbers.  I
> have used this approach for tasks such as generating quarterly data
> monitoring reports for a clinical trial.  Although it generates very
> nice results, it takes some practice in order to do it quickly.


Phil, I'm not sure how -stata2doc- connects to this, but I'd be very
interested to know how you achieve this. After running results in Stata,
I've always manually created the tables and inputted the figures that go
into them in LaTeX. I can pretty much format a basic LaTeX table in my
sleep now, but constructing the entire table can be very, _very_

Ben Jann very kindly supplied me with an -estout- trick to run a
'resultsset' to go straight into my LaTeX document sometime last year.
I've still not yet had the chance to use it (and I know there are other
routines, such as Roger Newson's -listtex-), but I'm always keen to hear
about other alternatives to perform this task. Thanks!

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