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Re: st: RE: Windows: read-only directory error

From   Fred Wolfe <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Windows: read-only directory error
Date   Tue, 07 Mar 2006 11:34:36 -0600

In general I would have to agree with Nick. However, in this instance, the extended error message gives more information (including inaccurate information):

[P] error . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Return code 608
permission denied
There are files (or directories) in your Stata installation
directory that are marked as read-only by the operating system.
You will need to change the permissions on these files.

Note that the extended error message speaks of "files" while the brief error message says "... in read-only directory r(608)." In addition, "need to change the permissions on these files" is not correct. Nor are the files in the "Stata installation directory."


At 11:14 AM 3/7/2006, you wrote:

Fred is starting us a down a slippery slope
with the best of intentions.

Forget that this is Windows and whatever
prejudices you have about that as an operating system
(OS). The same principle should apply to all OS here.

In general, whenever Stata gets a message
from an OS, it should report it.

Sometimes, like Stata on occasion, an OS gets confused or sends
a misleading or even incorrect message, and Fred
has a good example here.

But once Stata starts trying to be smarter than the OS,
things get more complicated. On the whole, unless Stata
can be certain that the OS is wrong, and I suspect that
is rarely if ever true, it really shouldn't try to act as
intermediary or interpreter.

So I would go the other way on this.


Fred Wolfe

> Using Windows XP and Stata 9.1 I received the following error:
> file c:\statdata\cancer\mkcancerfile.log cannot be modified
> or erased; in
> read-only directory
> r(608);
> I presume this is a Stata interpretation of a Windows message.
> What caused the error was not the I was in a read-only
> directory, but that
> I was running two versions of Stata and the log was open in
> the first Stata
> at the same time I was trying to open it in the second Stata.
> I want to suggest that the error message be altered slightly
> to indicate
> that this other cause, as the directory was not read-only.
> Perhaps it could say " ... file ... cannot be modified or erased; in
> read-only directory or read-only file (file may be open)

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