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st: hotellings t-sq. test question

From   Nicholas Potter <>
Subject   st: hotellings t-sq. test question
Date   Tue, 31 Jan 2006 13:11:47 -0800

Hi, haven't done much with stata before, but I have a paired sample data set. Problem is that the sample resembles a chi-sq distribution rather than a normal distribution (can't assume normality). Hence I was thinking that using a Hotelling's T-sq. test would be more appropriate that a paired-sample t-test. I need the test to compare means between the pairs, but am uncertain of how to use the by(groupvar) option.

right now I have:

egen grp_a = group(emp_2005);
hotelling emp_2003 emp_2005, by(grp_a);

but I'm fairly sure that the group division is not what I am looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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