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Re: st: RE: -generate- and run time contingencies

From   Richard Williams <>
To, <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: -generate- and run time contingencies
Date   Mon, 30 Jan 2006 11:16:17 -0500

At 11:07 AM 1/30/2006, Steichen, Thomas J. wrote:
. gen x = uniform()
. replace x = uniform() if x < 0.8

accomplishes what you want.

The above says replace x only if the currrent (run time) value of x is less than 0.8.

That was my first thought too - but it doesn't work. The problem is that the replacement value may also be less than 0.8. So, you need to be able to repeat the process until all x values are greater than .8.

I believe Mike's second approach would work, but only for data sets that are smaller than 11,000 cases (Stata SE's limit for a matrix - other versions of Stata have even smaller limits.)

Mike's solution of

gen x = 0.8 + 0.2*uniform()

seems to be the best for this example, but perhaps it won't always be so easy. (But then again, maybe it will?)

It is an interesting question - could Mata maybe handle it with large data sets?

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