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st: on-line resources for multiple partial F-test?

From   Doug Mounce <>
Subject   st: on-line resources for multiple partial F-test?
Date   Sun, 29 Jan 2006 22:08:58 -0800

Any recommendations for a good on-line description and explanation for applying the multiple partial F-test? Also, what's the general way to think about using regress when the Y variable is continuous, but the X is binary?

We've been learning in class how to describe the regress of one continuous variable on another, and I understand how to do a log transform and look for curvature or heteroscedasticity. We do jackknife residuals and some other diagnostics, and I'm stumped on how to describe the regress when the independent variable is binary. I can talk about the regression coefficient, I guess, but the R^2 doesn't account-for much variation in this data.

Sorry if asking for help with homework is bad form, but I'm also have a lot of clinical data that's binary and I thought that regression was pretty limited there. I'm an adult student with a job and family so finding a study group has been tough; any consideration of this request will be greatly appreciated, regards, Doug

Doug Mounce, Manager, UW MRFM Program, 206.543.1720

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