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Re: st: "///" line continuation marker & win/unix?

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   Re: st: "///" line continuation marker & win/unix?
Date   Thu, 26 Jan 2006 14:18:44 -0600

Stephen Jenkins ( is experiencing problems
sharing some ado-files with colleagues:
> I have some ado files containing lines that use the "///" end of line 
> continuation marker. These files are saved on a Win/XP machine using an 
> editor. To exchange these files with remote colleagues, I currently (a) 
> upload each ado file to a virtual windows (samba) drive held on a Unix 
> machine, and then (b) attach said files to my email message, and send.
> Problem: the recipients find problems with lines ending in "///". As a 
> result the ado file doesn't work. The error message indicates that Stata 
> is not continuing on to the next line.

There are three places a problem could occur.

   - Something about the Windows to Unix file copying process across
     a samba mount is changing the file

   - Something about the way Stephen's email program is including
     the file is changing it in some way

   - The remote colleagues are retrieving the files from the email
     in such a way that they are not getting an exact copy of the
     original file

If Stephen would like to send one of the problem files to me privately,
both via the process he described above and in a zip-file, I will compare
the two files to see if I can determine where the problem might be.  We
can report back to the list with whatever we find so that anyone
encountering such a problem in the future may find the solution in the
Statalist archives.

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