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RE: st: Italicizing caption in Graphs

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Italicizing caption in Graphs
Date   Thu, 26 Jan 2006 18:22:44 -0000

I agree that Latinate species and genus names deserve to be 
in italic when included on graphs. Good point. 

The bigger need long-term, in my view, is for Stata graphics 
to give support for more symbols, including at least some 
mathematical typesetting and the Greek alphabet. The thing I 
most frequently want to do, but can't, is superscript "-1", "-2", etc. 

My facetious name for the school I am inventing 
should not be over-interpreted. Just saying "Tufte"
is enough of a signal to many, but I fired a 
shotgun hoping to hit a target with most list 


Ronán Conroy
> On 26 Ean 2006, at 13:55, n j cox wrote:
> > On a different level, we could all throw our prejudices
> > on the matter into the ring. My own line as a scientist,
> > including roles as reader, author, reviewer/referee
> > and member of editorial boards, is that in science (broad
> > sense) graph designers should stick to one font throughout.
> > But then I cleave to the minimalist-Tufte-Shaker-Bauhaus school
> > of graph design.
> There are valid reasons for having italics at your disposal.  
> Traditionally they are used for foreign language words and phrases.  
> These are common in biology, where many critters are referred to by  
> their latin titles and these are, by convention, placed in italics.  
> The names, of course, not the critters, who couldn't care less.
> By the way, if it's minimalist, why has it such a long name?

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