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Re: st: roccomp in Stata v9

Subject   Re: st: roccomp in Stata v9
Date   Tue, 24 Jan 2006 11:18:10 -0600

Max Bulsara wrote:

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the following:

roccomp at_cat2 iop_pa meanew, summary graph legend(order(1 "Puff Air" 2
"i-Care")) scheme(lean2) msymbol(o o) msize(vsmall vsmall)
clpattern(solid shortdash) clwidth(medthick medthick) aspect(1)
ylabel(,nogrid) xlabel(,nogrid)

option msymbol() not allowed
invalid syntax

This is to work fine just before Christmas. I came back after the Christmas 
break and updated Stata 9 and now it gives me an error!!! 

The syntax for -roccomp- was modified in the initial release of Stata 9. 
Max should either prefix his command with <version 8: > or use the new

Here is an example of the syntax required for Stata 9:

. roccomp at_cat2 iop_pa meanew, summary graph 
	plot1opts(msymbol(o) msize(vsmall) lpattern(solid) lwidth(medthick)) 
	plot2opts(msymbol(o) msize(vsmall) lpattern(shortdash) lwidth(medthick))
	scheme(s1mono) aspect(1) xlabel(, nogrid) ylabel(, nogrid)
	legend(order(1 "Puff Air" 2 "i-Care"))

James Hassell
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