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Re: st: Percentages on x-axes

From   Claudia König <>
Subject   Re: st: Percentages on x-axes
Date   Tue, 24 Jan 2006 17:04:25 +0100


I guess I miss formulated my problem.
What I need to have is a chart, which on the y-axes gives me the value (e.g. percentage of people with sleeping problems) on the x-axes I have e.g. different status groups.

What I now would like to visualize is not only the percentage within a group with sleeping problems – I also would like to demonstrate how big this status group is in the whole population.

So fare I’ve double and triple checked the book ‘a visual guide to STATA graphics’ by Michael Mitchell as well as everything I found on the STATA website.

I’m working with a swiss healt survey. I’m more used to work with SPSS which doesn’t give me that option. So I’ve learnt now STATA (which I actually like a lot). Apparently it’s possible to draw such a chart with SAS 9.



Am 24.01.2006 um 16:45 schrieb n j cox:

At the simplest, are you overlooking -graph hbar-?

If not, more detail on what your data are and what you have tried
to date please.


Claudia König, lic. phil.

Is there a way of having the width of a bar (on the x-axes) visually reflect its respective percentage and that all categories sum up to 100%?

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