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RE: st: Using wildcards with string values of a variable

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Using wildcards with string values of a variable
Date   Fri, 13 Jan 2006 13:08:36 -0000

In addition 

replace ID 

needs to be followed immediately by an equals sign. 

In your case, your criterion seems to be that 
the first three characters are "fill". If so, 
the whole apparatus of wildcards, matching, 
regular expressions and what have you can be 
avoided by using -substr()-. 

gen id2 = id 
replace id2 = "filled" if substr(id,1,3) == "fill" 

or even 

gen id2 = cond(substr(id,1,3) == "fill", "filled", id) 


Fred Wolfe

> See this function from Stata help
>   strmatch(s1,s2) evaluates to 1 if s1 matches the pattern 
> s2; otherwise, 
> it returns 0.


> The new dataset contains the variable 'id' which 
> contains string values "fill1", "fill 2" etc and "study 1", 
> "study 2" etc.  I have tried the following commands:
> gen id2=id
> replace id2 "filled" if id=="fill*"
> which didn't work.  I cannot find any reference of a 
> wildcard being used 
> in such a situation, is it possible?  I'm sure there is a 
> very simple 
> solution to my problem so I apologise in advance!

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