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Re: st: Stata 9: first impressions?

From   Richard Williams <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Stata 9: first impressions?
Date   Thu, 05 May 2005 06:52:41 -0500

At 12:05 PM 5/5/2005 +0200, Massimo Bovenzi wrote:
Just requested help to Stata for several troubles I had with Stata 9 immediately after installation:
- no whatsnew (i.e. Stata 9 says there is no help for whatsnew);
- no help for programs installed in ado base or ado updates;
- error when I type "ssc whatsnew" (i.e. command error for ssc);
- several programs do not run (e.g. regression, logit, logistic, etc.);
- driven menu not accessible.

In summary, a despair mainly because I have uninstalled Stata 8 SE that was fantastic.
It does sound like you are off to a bad start, although hopefully an atypical one. Things like system restore points or complete backups are a good idea when making major changes to your computer configuration. I can't help much, other than to note that I bet you don't have to uninstall Stata 8 first, do you? I have 8 and 7 installed on my machine with no trouble. I suspect the main problem with installing a buggy 9 is that it would be the default Stata when you click on a dta file, but you could still use 8 and open files from within it. Unless you can't do so, I would recommend keeping both 8 and 9 installed until you are confident that 9 works ok; also give 9 a little while to get any major bugs fixed via updates.

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