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Re: st: Some Stata 9 issues

From   [email protected] (Alan Riley)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Some Stata 9 issues
Date   Mon, 02 May 2005 11:56:53 -0500

Fred Wolfe ([email protected]) had some questions about
his new copy of Stata 9:
> 1) Each -help something- opens a new window unless I want to type the 
> option -,nonew-  I almost always I want only one window. Could there be a 
> "fix" that allowed one to choose having -nonew- as the default with -new- 
> as an option?

As we were developing Stata 9, we found that we almost always wanted
new help files to open in new windows, and it was only rarely that
we wanted them to appear in the same window.  This is why -new- was
made the default for -help-, and -nonew- must be specified to prevent
a new window from appearing.

Nick Cox pointed out one possible workaround: the addition of a
new ado-file which would always pass the 'nonew' option to help.

An alternate, do-only-at-your-own-risk solution, would be to
modify the following file

   C:\Program Files\Stata9\ado\base\w\whelp.ado

In general, we would not recommend that users modify official Stata
code.  However, if Fred wanted to, he could modify lines 9 and 11
of this file.  Line 9 contains the -syntax- command that understands
the 'nonew' option.  Fred could change 'noNew' on that line to be
just 'New'.  On line 11, Fred could then change the -if- condition

   if ("`new'" == "" | "`new'"=="new") & "`name'" == "" {


   if "`new'"=="new" & "`name'" == "" {

Fred's -help- command should then always open help files in the
same window.

> 2) I notice when displaying a long list that Stata 9 sets page size at 47. 
> Stata 8 set it at 41. I have to set page to get -more- to work as it did 
> previously. Now it is below the bottom of the results window. Not a big 
> problem, but was this intentional?

We have been unable to reproduce this here.  Stata 9 automatically
sets its page size according to the number of lines in the Results
window, just as Stata 8 did.  Fred should email [email protected]
with as much information about his windowing setup including the
contents of any he might have.

> 3) When I am running a do file that makes graphs and includes the name() 
> option, the graphs appear correctly in named windows (very nice). However, 
> when I -use- graphs that already exist as files (gph) the name() option 
> does not work right:
> ...

Fred has found a bug.  We have been able to reproduce his problem
here and should have the fix available this week in an ado-file

> 4) I used to be able to paste from my text editor into the Stata editor, 
> with Control-8. Then Control a - v and d ran the program. Now control 8 
> opens a new window each time - which has to be deleted (closed) individually.
> In addition, once the doedit file is open if you want to select it you 
> can't use control 8 as it gives you a new file. You have to carefully 
> select the "named" file with the mouse to get it to redisplay.
> Could there be a new Control-function # that accessed the last open editor 
> file?
> ...

We have two suggestions.  First, to avoid having to select an existing
Do-file Editor with the mouse, Fred could use Alt-Tab to toggle
between the main Stata window and the Do-file Editor.  Assuming
he has a Do-File Editor open but the main Stata window is on top,
Fred should be able to do what he wants by

   Alt-Tab       (switch focus from main Stata window to Do-file Editor)
   Ctrl-A        (select all text in Do-file Editor)
   Ctrl-V        (paste clipboard contents into Do-file Editor)
   Ctrl-D        (-do- the contents of Do-file Editor)

  -- Alan Riley                     -- Vince Wiggins
     ([email protected])                ([email protected])

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