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st: Re: Some Stata 9 issues

From   "George M Hoffman MD" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Re: Some Stata 9 issues
Date   Mon, 2 May 2005 10:24:55 -0500

Fred - i suspect we use stata similarly. i miss the control-key shortcuts 

some suggestions/wishes for windo behavior on subsequent updates:
1. make graph,edit,viewer windows pin-able/tab-able - and make all 
subsequent windows of the same type act in the same fashion. so multiple 
graphs would appear as multiple tabs in the graph window spot....... and 
then the window would NOT create a tab on the windows taskbar - or is there 
some other way to disable the taskbar items from appearing separate from 
stata itself?

2. re-enable control-c, control -v as copy/paste from all windows (in 
windows only?)
3. take away the shortcut 'e' for exit command - i too often mistakenly put 
a space while typeing, so 'e st' exits.

relatively minor quibles, i'm sure i'll adapt...
george hoffman

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From: "Fred Wolfe" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 8:48 AM
Subject: st: Some Stata 9 issues

I have used Stata 9 (Windows SE) for about 1 1/2 days. Here are several
issues for me.

1) Each -help something- opens a new window unless I want to type the
option -,nonew-  I almost always I want only one window. Could there be a
"fix" that allowed one to choose having -nonew- as the default with -new-
as an option?

2) I notice when displaying a long list that Stata 9 sets page size at 47.
Stata 8 set it at 41. I have to set page to get -more- to work as it did
previously. Now it is below the bottom of the results window. Not a big
problem, but was this intentional?

3) When I am running a do file that makes graphs and includes the name()
option, the graphs appear correctly in named windows (very nice). However,
when I -use- graphs that already exist as files (gph) the name() option
does not work right:

. graph use preddoc.gph,name(g1)

produces a graph of preddoc.gph labelled g1

. graph use predhaq.gph,name(g2)

Eliminates the display of g1 and replaces it with predhaq.gph but labels it
as g1 not g2.

Unless I misread this, there are 2 problems. (1) Stata 9 won't show 2
graphs and (2) it labels the graph names incorrectly.

4) I used to be able to paste from my text editor into the Stata editor,
with Control-8. Then Control a - v and d ran the program. Now control 8
opens a new window each time - which has to be deleted (closed) 

In addition, once the doedit file is open if you want to select it you
can't use control 8 as it gives you a new file. You have to carefully
select the "named" file with the mouse to get it to redisplay.

Could there be a new Control-function # that accessed the last open editor

While much of this is a matter of taste, using multiple windows as the
default for the editor and help viewer really adds lots of key strokes over
and over again during a working day.

Fred Wolfe

Fred Wolfe
National Data Bank for Rheumatic Diseases
Wichita, Kansas
Tel (316) 263-2125     Fax (316) 263-0761
[email protected]

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