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RE: -findit- and -ssc- (was: Re: st: - uniform() - random variable not uniformly distributed overinterval)

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: -findit- and -ssc- (was: Re: st: - uniform() - random variable not uniformly distributed overinterval)
Date   Thu, 10 Mar 2005 17:58:42 -0000

This has been partly answered already. 

-findit- won't find stuff if a connection 
is broken. It accesses a database re-created 
daily. This is explained in the manual. 

-findit- may well find multiple versions 
of a program, if for example that program 
has also been published in the STB or SJ. 
In these cases I'm afraid virtually 
all possibilities _might_ exist: 

1. SSC holds a later version of a program 
previously published in the STB and/or SJ. 

2. The opposite is true. 

3. The version on SSC and the STB/SJ 
files is essentially identical. 

So what can you do? 


Please remember to send your _updates_ 
of stuff previously published in 
the STB or the SJ to the Editors of the 
Stata Journal. 


Check versions using -which-. You 
can peek at files remotely using 
-type- or -ssc type-. 

Report specific problems to the 
program authors, the SSC maintainer 
(Kit Baum) or the SJ editors 
([email protected]). Note 
that the most productive Stata 
programmers outside StataCorp 
are usually zealous in flagging 
separate versions separately 
and/or updating their versions on SSC 
(they mostly have great pride in their work and have 
no wish to receive bug reports). 

I hope that covers the key 
generalities. I can't comment on 
the specific problems mentioned 
by Michael without knowing any details, but 
if his students have encountered problems 
not explained by the above we'd like to know 
about them. 

However, there is a tail of insoluble problems 
with user-written stuff seemingly 
beyond anyone's control. 

1. Some users have in effect disappeared
and are not visibly maintaining or supporting 
their programs. 

2. Some users have not fixed bugs notified
to them.  

[email protected] 

Michael S. Hanson
> On Mar 10, 2005, at 11:49 AM, Richard Williams wrote:
> > I suspect there is some sort of temporary problem involving 
> -findit- 
> > and ssc.  -findit- is not finding stuff I know is on ssc, but the 
> > -ssc- commands seem to work.
> 	I have noticed this behavior on occasion over the past 
> few weeks:  I 
> have instructed the students in my Econometrics course to use 
> -findit- 
> for various things, and -- as others have noted recently -- we have 
> found differences between what it lists versus what's 
> available on SSC. 
>   In one case, -findit- located an older version of a program 
> that had a 
> more recent version on -ssc-.  I had concluded that -findit- was not 
> comprehensive, but (at best) a first step -- is it meant to be a 
> "one-stop" source of internet-available Stata programs?

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