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Re: st: Binomial confidence intervals

From   Ronán Conroy <>
Subject   Re: st: Binomial confidence intervals
Date   Wed, 08 Sep 2004 16:55:32 +0100

Paul Seed wrote:

Dear all,

As I don't have access to a decent Stats library here, I tried to obtain
the recommended paper (Brown, Cai, & DasGupta.
Interval Estimation for a Binomial Proportion. Statistical Science, 2001,
16, pp. 101-133.)  over the internet; but it is currently behind a "rolling
firewall", until 2005.

Would anyone who has seen it hazard a comment on which of the
new methods  - Wilson, Jeffreys or Agresti they would prefer for
small samples.

Reading the paper and examining their graphs, it's really much of a muchness between Wilson and Jeffreys, which seem to suffer less from the lucky/unlucky p and N combinations than the Agresti. Agresti certainly gets third place, but did anyone reading the paper spot a compelling advantage of Wilson over Jeffreys, or the other way around? I didn't.

I have been using the Wilson interval since Nick wrote -ciw-, simply because I found -ciwi- an easy-to-remember command name.


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Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics
Royal College of Surgeons
Dublin 2, Ireland
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