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Re: st: Again-Unique Case ID in Large Panel

From   Suzy <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Again-Unique Case ID in Large Panel
Date   Wed, 04 Aug 2004 13:24:44 -0400

I believe that your output is saying that you have one copy of 1322511 with no surpluses (no duplicates). I just ran this yesterday with my much smaller dataset and was able to verify this.

Stephen V. Burks wrote:

Hi, Folks.

Now I wonder if I am reporting a bug. As per Nick's suggestion
(thanks, Nick) I looked up -duplicates- and ran it.

(1) using -duplicates report-

. duplicates report DRVNUM CDATE

Duplicates in terms of DRVNUM CDATE
copies | observations surplus
1 | 1322511 0

(2) using -duplicates list-

. duplicates list DRVNUM CDATE
Duplicates in terms of DRVNUM CDATE
(0 observations are duplicates)

If I read this correctly, one version of -duplicates- says I have
a single duplicate (the last case in the file), while the other
says I have none. Also, -xtdes- still says that DRVNUM and
CDATE do not uniquely identify cases.

I looked in the data browser, and the last case is NOT a duplicate.
While DRVNUM is the same as the case before, CDATE is not.

If my interpretation of the output is correct then my best guess is
that -xtdes- is wrong to say I do not have unique identification,
and whatever bug causes this might also be behind the apparently
incorrect response from -duplicates report-. In any event, it seems
to be a problem that -duplicates list- and -xtdes- do not agree.

Any better ideas?


P.S. My version of Stata is 8.2 for WinXP, with current updates.

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