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Re: st: SOS:Updating the Executable

From   Adolf <>
Subject   Re: st: SOS:Updating the Executable
Date   Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:25:48 +0300

At 09:57 AM 12/10/2003 +0000, you wrote:

Date sent: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 12:40:32 +0300
From: Adolf <>
Subject: st: SOS:Updating the Executable
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> Hi,
> I have been trying to update the executable for my Stata 7 without success.
> After downloading the update, I am asked to follow the following steps:
> 1-exit stata
> 2-change to c:\stata\
> 3-copy wstata.exe to wstata.old
> 4-copy wstata.bin to wstata.exe
> 5-try stata
> 6-Later, erase wstata.old if satisfied or copy wstata.old back to wstata.exe
> Trouble is, following this steps does not help at all. In the first place
> no wstata.old exists.

Can you describe the problem in more detail? What operating system
you are using? What you did that didn't work? It's hard to tell
what's gone wrong from what you've described. For example, if you
follow step 3

> 3-copy wstata.exe to wstata.old

then of course "wstata.old" exists because you just created it. Or
are you unable to copy it in the first place?


> I remember when using Stata6 updating was easy. The worse part is that I
> can not do anyting
> right now unless I updata.
Dear Schaffer,
Thanks for the reply.
In relation to the problem of updating the executable here is some further information.
I am using Stata7 with window XP home edition. I have problem copying wstata.exe to the wstata.old,
and that is because it seems impossible to create wstata.old. Also it I failed to copy stata.bin to wstata.exe even when I decided
to ignore step 3. I tried to move file, copy, rename and all that but in vail. Is there something I am missing?
Warm regards

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