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Re: st: request for help with stata v sas

From   "Dimitriy V. Masterov" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   Re: st: request for help with stata v sas
Date   Wed, 3 Dec 2003 13:22:57 -0600 (CST)

Mr. Cindy,

There was discussion of this issue on Statalist about a year ago. You can
read the thread at this URL

I used both SAS and Stata when I was a student in college and worked at a
microeconomics research center (where just about everyone used SAS (UNIX
and PC). I found Stata to be much more intuitive and flexible (both for
data management and analysis), and five years later, hardly anyone of the
the two dozen people who works here uses SAS any longer, mostly because
we've had a lot of turnover. Basically all of the new people learned or
specialized in Stata, and all of the older people kept using SAS until
they left for greener pastures. For what I do, I think I would prefer to
use Stata even if it cost much more than SAS.

One thing I really do miss is the ability to do 3D graphs, but I actually
never figured out if this was even possible with SAS, and I've
used Matlab for these rare 3D occasions.


Dimitriy V. Masterov

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