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The Stata News: Vol 37 No 3

Discover trends in response values using nptrend. See Stata tips to improve your workflow. Register now for the 2022 Stata Economics Virtual Symposium. And more. All inside the latest issue of the Stata News.

In the spotlight: nptrend

Are your response values increasing or decreasing? Find out using one of four nonparametric tests for trend in Stata 17:

  • Cochran–Armitage test
  • Jonckheere–Terpstra test
  • Linear-by-linear test
  • Cuzick's test with ranks

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Community Corner: Stata tips

From graphics to data management to working with the Do-file Editor, Todd Jones provides Stata tips that can benefit Stata users, whether novice or expert. He highlights official commands that improve workflow, powerful community-contributed commands, and operating system specific tips.

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2023 Stata Conferences: Save the dates

Join us for two unparalleled opportunities to talk with Stata developers and connect with the inventive and creative user community.

2023 Stata Conference »
20–21 July in Stanford, CA

2023 Canadian Stata Conference »
4 August in Toronto, ON

2022 Stata Economics Virtual Symposium

Join us on 3 November for the 2022 Stata Economics Virtual Symposium. Listen to expert-led presentations by top Stata users in economics, and network with fellow Stata users from around the world.

All proceeds will be donated to the Direct Relief foundation. Seats are limited. View the program and register now.

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Stata Journal's latest rankings

The Stata Journal is widely read and frequently cited, as demonstrated by the latest impact factor.

The Journal achieved its highest impact factor ever: 4.450. The Stata Journal is ranked 9 out of 53 in the Social Sciences, Mathematical Methods category and 10 out of 125 in Statistics and Probability.

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Classroom trainings in Austin, Texas

In-person training sessions are back and now available in Austin, Texas.

Our classroom trainings provide easy-to-follow course notes, lively group discussion, and access to Stata 17. Enroll now and leave with a deeper understanding of Stata's features that will aid your research and analyses.

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