The Stata News: Vol 33 No 4

Learn to change the style of your graph with a simple setting, find packages for machine learning, and discover teaching resources for instructors and students. If you are new to Stata or know someone who is, check out our new introductory webinar.

Scheming your way to your favorite graph style

You want a graph ...

that effectively communicates your message.

that fits the style of your journal.

with colors everyone can differentiate.

in grayscale.

It is easy to change the overall look of your graph.

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Machine learning

Want to use machine learning algorithms in Stata? Lasso? Elastic net? Support vector machines? Boosted regression?

Did you know that Stata's user community has developed commands for these and other machine learning techniques?

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Teaching with Stata

It's a brand-new school year, which means new opportunities for you to teach and learn with Stata. From YouTube videos to handy, quick-reference cheat sheets, our Teaching with Stata resources can help instructors and students get the most out of their courses this year.

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Web scraping NFL data into Stata

Football season is here!

Use the new nfl2stata command to get all the statistics on your favorite player or favorite team. With all the game, play-by-play, team, and player data available, you'll be ready each week to set the ultimate lineup for your fantasy football team.

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Ready. Set. Go Stata.

New to Stata? Introducing Stata to students in your classroom? Been away for a while and need a refresher?

Get an insider tour of Stata from anywhere in the world with our free introductory webinar "Ready. Set. Go Stata."

Not new? Check out our webinars on advanced statistical topics too.

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