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st: RE: RE: SV: RE: SV: RE: SV: RE: postfile

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: SV: RE: SV: RE: SV: RE: postfile
Date   Fri, 27 Aug 2010 14:05:44 +0200


Sorry I am currently out of town, so I cannot follow every development as
closely as I would like to. Tomas must have an obsession with -local-s,
which are quite unnecessary for his -postfile- setup, as the example shows.
Unless, of course, he wants to use the values somewhere else. And, as Nick
said, -in r- is short for -in red-.

tempname myfile 

postfile `myfile' lowerbound time using postfiletest, replace
foreach i in 6 12 18 {     
	cii 1 `i', poisson                         
 	post  `myfile' (`r(lb)')  (`i')     

postclose `myfile'                              
u postfiletest, replace       
list , noobs


-----Original Message-----
[] On Behalf Of Nick Cox
Sent: Freitag, 27. August 2010 13:00
To: ''
Subject: st: RE: SV: RE: SV: RE: SV: RE: postfile

This works for me: 

. tempname myfile 

. postfile `myfile' time using postfiletest.dta , replace         
(note: file postfiletest.dta not found)
. foreach i in 6 12 18 {                          
  2.         local  time  `i'        
  3.     post  `myfile'   (`time')     
  4.     }

. postclose `myfile'                              

. preserve

. use postfiletest, replace       

. list , noobs

  | time |
  |    6 |
  |   12 |
  |   18 |

. restore


Tomas Lind

This works when I post the i (time-variable) so I suppose I am in the
vicinity of success (however I don´t understand why the full code doesn´t
work (error message r198 about the variable time).

tempname  resul
postfile `resul'  time     using H:\Slask\slask2.dta , replace 	
foreach i in 6 12 18 {				
	local  time  `i'	
    post  `resul'   (`time')     
postclose `resul'					

use H:\Slask\slask2.dta 	, replace	
list , noobs

Nick Cox

I imagine that you need to look more carefully at the variable in question. 

Tomas Lind

I get the following error message (note, the variable time in my example
corresponds to the variable fönster in my real syntax so the error message
is about the variable fönster)


                                                         -- Binomial Exact
    Variable |        Obs        Mean    Std. Err.       [95% Conf.
     saba_L6 |       3366    .0356506    .0031959        .0296445

invalid syntax
post:  above message corresponds to expression 2, variable fönster

end of do-file


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