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st: RE: RE: AW: xtline, xtline2 and cmissing(n)

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: AW: xtline, xtline2 and cmissing(n)
Date   Fri, 14 May 2010 16:15:01 +0100

I don't know about -xtline2-. But -linkplot- from SSC might offer you an

-linkplot- is not automatically geared to panel data, but linking on
panel identifier and plotting against time should produce the kind of
results I think you want. 


Giovanni Vecchi

thank you.

Your examples work fine.

However, I've just realized that a conflict arises if you also include
option -overlay- among the options (no matter whether you use -xtline-

Once I include both -cmissing(n)- and -overlay- ... I'm back to square

. xtline2 x, overlay cmissing(n) name(mygr2, replace) nodraw

option cmissing() not allowed

Martin Weiss
> In 10.1, I get the old behavior with -xtline-, and the new behavior,
> respect for -cmissing()-, for -xtline2-
> (, just
> promised:
> *************
> clear*
> vers 10.1
> set obs 4
> gen id=_n
> expand 10
> bys id: gen time=_n
> gen x=runiform()
> xtset id time
> replace x=. if runiform()<.3
> xtline x, cmissing(n) name(mygr, replace) nodraw
> xtline2 x, cmissing(n) name(mygr2, replace) nodraw
> graph combine mygr mygr2, col(1)
> *************
> In 11, both yield identical results.
Giovanni Vecchi
> following up on a couple of emails on the failure of -xtline- to
> for
> the -cmissing(n)- option
> (, I'm
> to report that, in my experience, the bug in -xtline- has not been
> Nor does -xtline2-, kindly provided by Jeff Pitblado, work for me.
> After running a number of experiments under both Stata 10.1 and Stata
> I'm now short of ideas and seeking for your advice.

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