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Re: st: Dates displaying as SIF rather than HIF on graphs...

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Dates displaying as SIF rather than HIF on graphs...
Date   Fri, 20 Dec 2013 15:32:21 +0000

It is important to keep distinct the ideas of "storage type" and
"display format" (not "display type"). Usually Stata graphs respect
display formats; perhaps what's happening here is that the
superimposition of graphs is causing Stata to give up on that; it's
not noticed that the x variable is identical across graphs.

Whatever the details, -xlabel()- has a suboption -format()- so start
with the extra option

xla(, format(%td))

You might then need to spell out which dates you want shown and their
precise format.

See also


On 20 December 2013 15:18, Peter Pressman <> wrote:
> I'm new to Stata, and suspect there's an easy answer to this, but can't
> find one that's quite what I need online despite a couple hours of reading.
> Briefly, I'm trying to graph the results of a mixed effects model that
> compares brain volumes within subjects over time.  This means that for each
> time, each subject number (PIDN) is associated with at least two volumes of
> interest.
> The Date variable is taken directly from an Excel sheet.  In Data Browser,
> the dates display as, for example, 1/1/2010.  When I describe the variable,
> it's in integer format, with display type %td.
> I run the mixed effects models as follows:
> *xtset PIDN Date*
> *xtmixed Volume1 Date|| PIDN:*
> *xtmixed Volume2 Date|| PIDN:*
> Having obtained my results, I try to get something of a graphic
> representation.
> *tsset LinkID Date, daily*
> *label variable Date "date"*
> *graph twoway (lfitc Volume1 Date)(lfitci Volume2 Date)(connected Volume1
> Date, connect(L))(connected Volume 2 Date, connect(L)), name
> (FS5_combinedlong) ///*
> *graph save "FS5_combined_long.gph", replace ///*
> I can produce graphs without using tsset, but am including it here because
> it seems necessary to manipulate date formatting based on what I've read.
> I am using the variable LinkID in the tsset because this is a variable that
> uniquelyidentifies each observation.  It is the only way I've found to avoid
> the "repeated time values" error.  Perhaps this is where the trouble lies?
> In any route, subsequently trying to use the format command on dates has
> not worked.  Every time I graph, I get ugly SIF on my x-axis, with no clear
> way to change it.
> All I want is the opportunity to display dates in MDY format on the x-axis.
>  How do I make this happen?   Thank you!
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