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Re: st: putexcel for reliability (alpha) ?

From   Nick Bornschein <>
Subject   Re: st: putexcel for reliability (alpha) ?
Date   Tue, 03 Dec 2013 16:13:57 +0100

I found another way...after some tests ;)) Thanks!!

putexcel set "reliabilty.xlsx", sheet("var2") replace
putexcel A1=("gi_var2") A2=("Cronbach's Alpha Gesamt") B2=(r(alpha))
matrix a = (r(ItemRestCorr))'
matrix b = (r(MeanInterItemCorr))'
matrix c = (r(Alpha))'
putexcel A4=matrix(a, names)
putexcel B5=matrix(a)
putexcel C5=matrix(b)
putexcel D5=matrix(c)
putexcel A4=("Item") B4=("Item Test Korrelation") D4=("Inter-Item Korrelation") D4=("Alpha wenn Item gelöscht")

Am 03.12.13 15:00, schrieb Scott Merryman:
-alpha- stores the results in r().

For example:

sysuse auto,clear
alpha mpg price gear, item
return list
putexcel set "results.xlsx", sheet("alpha item")
putexcel  A1=rscalarnames B1=rscalars using results, sheet("alpha item")
putexcel A4 = rmatrixnames B4=rmatrices using results, sheet("alpha
item") modify


On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 9:29 AM, Nick Bornschein
<> wrote:

I'm trying to export the results of my

alpha x1 x2 x3, item

command to excel via putexcel, but using ereturn, there are no
item-correlation and item alphas from the output table saved.

How do I get the table as it is or even in the interesting parts (obs,
item-test correlation and alpha for every single item) to Excel via

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