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st: Computing margins for a subpop in svy with BRR weights

From   "Carpiano , Richard" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: Computing margins for a subpop in svy with BRR weights
Date   Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:26:55 +0000

Dear Stata List members,

Sorry for resending this posting--this version hopefully won't be cut off in the archive mid-message...  Best, Rich Carpiano (first time poster)

Greetings.  I am writing to inquire about properly specifying syntax for computing margins for a subpop in a svyset datafile.  To be sure, I have attempted to be as succinct as possible in this note, but it is a little tough given the nature of the problem.

I am trying to compute average marginal effects on a subpop from a svyset datafile that uses brr weights.  Though replication weights are not supported with the margins command, Stata 13’s manual on page 114 (under -svy postestimation-) provides programming code that one can run to obtain those margin estimates.  Here is that program syntax from the manual:

program mymargins, eclass
version 13
syntax anything [if] [iw pw]
if "`weight'" !=3D "" {
local wgtexp "[`weight' `exp']"
set buildfvinfo on
`anything' `if' `wgtexp'
margins race, post
*NB: separated the letters with asterisks only b/c this seems to be the culprit for the missing remainder of earlier posts

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