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Re: st: How to re-program -save9- for Stata 13?

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: How to re-program -save9- for Stata 13?
Date   Tue, 15 Oct 2013 16:56:02 +0100

(At least one line was chopped at the top.)

Clyde's reminder of StatTransfer is an excellent point.

One detail, however, about .csv etc. Even the now ancient -outsheet-
will export value labels rather than values by default. You might have
to work at getting something else to treat it as required, but the
important information is not lost.

On 15 October 2013 16:46, Clyde Schechter <> wrote:
> files into Stata 9.  Others have advised on the difficulties involved,
> and made suggestions how to approximate this, including using a .csv
> file as an intermediate.  A substantial problem with using .csv as an
> intermediate is that it will lose all labeling information.
> I have one other suggestion.  Since  he is willing to invest a fair
> amount of time into trying to program this in Stata, I assume that he
> has more than just a handful of files that he wants to convert in this
> way.  In that case, he might prefer to invest a small amount of money
> buying the current version StatTransfer.
> While StatTransfer is usually used to translate among different
> packages' file formats, it can be adapted to this purpose.  On the
> options tab, select Output Options and then set the default Stata
> output version to 9 (or even earlier back to versions 4-5 if you
> want).  Then use StatTransfer to translate from Stata input (whatever
> version is encountered) to an intermediate version that accommodates
> variable and value labels (such as SPSS), and then re-translate that
> to Stata 9.
> (I had hoped to advise just directly translating Stata to Stata 9, but
> Stat Transfer throws an exception if you try that.)
> Hope this helps.
> Clyde Schechter
> Dept. of Family & Social Medicine
> Albert Einstein College of Medicine
> Bronx, NY, USA
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