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st: Programming Repetition for categories

From   Andrew Hovel <>
Subject   st: Programming Repetition for categories
Date   Wed, 2 Oct 2013 21:45:25 -0500

I am trying to program repeated calculation of means for my a set of
variables categorized in bins. I am using Stata 12 for windows.

I am new to Stata programming, so I'm guessing there is a better way
to do this than I am attempting, but here goes:

I am calculating means of six variables (Q BRANCH A TYPE P MEMB_TOT)
in my data across 7 different categories of another variable,
SHARE_DEP  (represents a value of  total shares and deposits held by
credit unions)

The categories I use are 0-10million, 10-20million, 20-50 million,
50-100million, 100-250million, 250m-1billion, and >1billion

The code I am using is:
 ***average <10m
if SHARE_DEP < 10000000 {
foreach average in Q BRANCH A TYPE P MEMB_TOT {
 egen avg010_`average' = mean(`average')
***average 10-20m
 if SHARE_DEP >= 20000000 & SHARE_DEP < 50000000 {
foreach avg in Q BRANCH A TYPE P  MEMB_TOT{
 egen avg2050_`avg' = mean(`avg')
and so forth through those >1billion.

The problem here is that the means generated for the first step are
equivalent to the whole population mean, not the mean for observations
where SHARE_DEP < 10000000. (I checked this separately using -sum- for
the variables after dropping all observations where SHARE_DEP >
The subsequent if programs don't even execute.

Any help or suggestions for resolving this would be great.

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