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Re: st: Capture break in mata

From   George Vega Yon <>
Subject   Re: st: Capture break in mata
Date   Wed, 2 Oct 2013 14:59:31 -0300

Dear Alan,

Thanks for the clarification.

If you don't mind, I think that there is nothing wrong about any OS
showing the "Break disallowed...", moreover, I think it is a useful
thing just like you said. What Iin my opinion would be a good idea is
to extend the -setbreakintr()-'s functionality by including a third
mode (2) in which this popup message is showed. I guess programmers
can use the -setbreakintr()- in two ways:

 - Simply to avoid stopping a program in the middle of something
(which is the original idea I think), here the popup window goes well.
 - To go further and take special actions if the user presses the
break key (which is what I'm looking for), here the popup window
doesn't goes ok.

In this way users won't get dizzy and programmers can do more with it.

Ideally for both cases the -breakkey()- should change its value.

I don't know if doing this needs too much effort, and so neither know
if you are keen to it, but if eventually  you build something like
this it would be great.

Thanks again,

George Vega
George Vega Yon
7 647 2552

2013/10/2 Alan Riley <>:
> George Vega Yon ( and others reported that Stata
> for Windows was behaving differently from Stata for other operating
> systems with respect to break key processing when break had been
> set off in a piece of code:
>> ...
>> and what I get this message: "Break disallowed at
>> this time", and the program continues and returns 1e4 (what means that
>> it stayed in the loop until i=1e4, i.e. the breakkey() value never
>> changed from 0).
>> ...
> We will change Stata for Windows to no longer display this
> message and to retain the information that the break key has
> been pressed.  This change will occur in a future update.
> The original reason for the message in Stata for Windows was
> to be informative to users who were confused when they would
> press the Break button or a key combination indicating "break"
> at a time when Stata had break set off.  Users could be puzzled
> that Stata didn't seem to respond to "break" in such a situation.
> Alan
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