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Re: st: Capture break in mata

From   George Vega Yon <>
Subject   Re: st: Capture break in mata
Date   Tue, 1 Oct 2013 18:28:05 -0300

Dear James and Phill,

Thanks for your replies.

Phill, thanks for the correction. I'm not sure why but my text editor
erased the "++" symbols both from the -while- and the -for- (that's
why you can see two blank spaces right after -i- and -j-) Still, I
don't get what I want.

James, your function looks interesting, I'll check it out in detail.

In this case I don't need to capture any error (I don't expect to have
any, as what I'm doing is a simple loop), I need to capture the break
key. I know that Stata handles the break key smartly, but for this
case it is not enough because I need to stop processes running outside

As my module -parallel- starts several Stata instances I need a way to
stop these in the case that the user pressed the break key in the
mother process. In pseudo code:

  IF all child instances have stoped THEN

  IF Break key is pressed THEN
    Tell all child instances to stop

Once a child process stops, it writes a plaintext file which tells the
mother process how it ended (which is currently working in
-parallel-). If the user press the break key I need the mother process
to write a plaintext file in order to every child gets to know that
the mother needs them to stop.

I know how to do this in Stata but, as -parallel- is now fully written
in Mata, I wanted to fully run it in Mata.

Thanks again!

George Vega

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