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st: Sartori selection model - a good choice?

From   Jørgen Carling <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: Sartori selection model - a good choice?
Date   Mon, 29 Jul 2013 13:05:32 +0000

Dear all,

Sartori’s selection model (“sartsel”, Sartori 2003) appears to be exactly what I need: a model with a binary outcome and identical varlists in the selection equation and the outcome equation. However, I am concerned that it is poorly documented and rarely used. The very short help file says nothing about weight options, for instance (which I need). Sartori’s article has been cited >200 times, but searching for use of her Stata model yields next to nothing.

The closest alternative I have been able to find is “biprobit” with the “partial” option (seemingly unrelated bivariate probit regression as a partial observability model), but this comes with a warning in about poor convergence properties. I would like not to use “heckprob” or other models that require different varlists for the two equations.

So, by questions are as follows:
1)	Is Sartori’s “sartsel” more widely used than it seems?
2)	Does anyone have experience using “sartsel” with weighting?
3)	Is “biprobit, partial” a sensible well-documented alternative? Or are there other possibilities?

I am not a hard-core number-cruncher, so any pointers to instructive examples wold be very welcome. Selection models with a single varlist for both equations are discussed briefly in Baum (2006), but other than that, I have found nothing in the Stata literature. Am I overlooking anything?

Many thanks for your consideration.

Baum, CF. (2006) An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata, Stata Press
Sartori, A. (2003) An Estimator for Some Binary‐Outcome Selection Models Without Exclusion Restrictions, Political Analysis, 11(2): 111-138.

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