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Re: st: gra command

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: gra command
Date   Tue, 25 Jun 2013 21:55:34 +0100

Anders is giving excellent advice.

Being new to Stata Guelmbaye is, however, confusing quite different sources.

1. -cusum6- (SSC, Kit Baum, as you are asked to explain) is an old
program but it sets -version 6- at the beginning of the program so its
graphs should work fine, although as noted they cannot be edited with
modern Stata's Graph Editor.

2. The problem that Guelmbaye is reporting comes from reliance not on
-cusum6- but on a document which is
(a) quite independent of -cusum6- and (b) out-of-date.

Something like

(version 7 and older)
graph cusum lower upper year, s([year]) c(.mm) xlab(1965,1975,1985,1995) ylab

would probably go better as

(version 8 and later)
scatter cusum year || line lower upper year

with -ylabel()- and -xlabel()- added to taste.


Anders Alexandersson

> Then build up the graph from the beginning with the current graph command.
> Also, did you read
> ?

Guelmbaye Ngarsandjé

>> Thanks. This works well though I can't edit it!

Anders Alexandersson

>>> Change -gra- to -gr7- if you want to use the old Stata 7 graph command.
>>> As I wrote, see .
>>> For the other graph problems, I suggest you instead use the current
>>> graph command.
>>> See

Guelmbaye Ngarsandjé

>>>> Thanks Anders. I changed "gra" to "graph" and I got " petindex, s([year]) xlab ylab: class member function not found" message. To say it frankly, it's my first time using stata and I have stata12; therefore it's hard for me to know what has changed and from where. How about the other problems I long for answers?

Anders Alexandersson

>>>>> The -gra- command is the Stata 7 (and older) graph command.
>>>>> See

Guelmbaye Ngarsandjé

>>>>>> I have been looking to check the strutural break in my data and found
>>>>>> that cusum6 helps do it. However, the file I found has some commands
>>>>>> that don’t work when I type them. For example using greenedat.dta from
>>>>>> P.136 provided by the file is the command:
>>>>>> “gra gpop petindex, s([year]) xlab ylab” which gives the following
>>>>>> message : “Unrecognized command: gra”
>>>>>> The support file can be found at:
>>>>>> What am I doing wrong? In the mean time I want my X axis to be fully
>>>>>> labelled by the periods but when trying to edit the cusum graphs I
>>>>>> receive “This is not a “live” graph and therefore cannot be edited.”
>>>>>> How to obtain my periods labelled at 45 degrees on the X axis?

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