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st: graph combine with (non-standard) one legend

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Subject   st: graph combine with (non-standard) one legend
Date   Fri, 14 Jun 2013 14:08:08 +0100

A colleague asked me the following:

"I've got 3 Stata graphs which will all have the same legend. I'd like
to display them in a 2x2 array, with the graphs in 3 of the cells and
the legend on its own in the fourth. Does anyone know if it's possible
to do this - and, if so, how?"

My response:

sysuse auto

* graph with a legend 

tw (scatter headroom weight)(scatter price weight), saving(junk4,

* -findit grc1leg-, and install it. "graph combine one legend" 

grc1leg junk4.gph junk4.gph junk4.gph, row(2) legendfrom(junk4.gph)
position(3) ring(0)

* gets you most of the way?  Could then move legend down using Graph


I also commented:

One strategy might be to

(a) do the 3 graphs with "legend(off)"
(b) add a fourth graph that is a version of one of the others, except
that you add options that: ask for no plotting of axes; all plot
elements invisible (depends on graph type); use legend location option
to put it in the middle.

Other things might be easier, depending on how complicated your legend


Any suggestions about how to best achieve the questioner's goals,
preferably without Graph Editor intervention?

Stephen P. Jenkins <>

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