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Re: st: new tsb command

From   "Ng, Edmond" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   Re: st: new tsb command
Date   Thu, 6 Jun 2013 22:49:22 +0000

Hi Margaret, 

The new user-written command, tsb, works similarly to Stata's own 'bootstrap'. It performs a two-stage bootstrap algorithm on a user supplied function, f(), with a shrinkage correction for possible overestimation due to second-stage sampling . The main difference is that the child function, f(), expected by 'tsb' is a Mata function. I have provided three such functions in the tsb package (package st0288 downloadable from the Stata Journal website) and their syntaxes are included in the accompanying Stata paper (Ng et al 2013 Stata Journal 13(1):pp141-164). 

To apply 'tsb' on the difference between the cluster-level treatment means you will have to write your own child Mata function to calculate this difference. To save you some time, I have provided the syntax for a new child function, meandiff(), for calculating this difference. I assumed your treatments are applied at the cluster-level.  Do test it and check if the results make sense to you before using it for analysis. 

Run the following syntax in Stata to create '' and save it into your personal directory. You are likely to have to modify the path for your personal directory (see 2nd line from the bottom). If not sure where this directory is on your computer, type 'sysdir' to find out. 

An example syntax for this new child function would be: 
> tsb cost, stats(&meandiff()) cluster(cluster) strata(int1)

Hope this is useful. 

BW, Edmond 

************ START OF MEANDIFF.DO ************ 
capture mata: mata drop meandiff()
real scalar function meandiff(transmorphic matrix data)  
version 12.1
real matrix cost, treat 
real scalar mc_ctl, mc_tmt
if (cols(data)!=3){
 _error("Function requires an input data matrix of 3 columns wide.") 
/* 1. Stop if treatment var has anything other than 2 levels */ 
if (rows(uniqrows(treat))<2) {
 _error("Treatment variable has <2 unique values.") 
 } else if (rows(uniqrows(treat))>2) {
 _error("Treatment variable has >2 unique values.") 
/* Calculate INB */ 
mc_ctl=mean(select(cost,treat:==uniqrows(treat)[1])) /* mean cost for ctl */ 
mc_tmt=mean(select(cost,treat:==uniqrows(treat)[2])) /* mean cost for tmt */ 
meandiff = mc_tmt-mc_ctl  
mata mosave meandiff(), dir("h:\stata\ado\personal") replace 
************ END OF MEANDIFF.DO ************ 

Edmond Ng

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